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Buyaladdin All In One Shopping App

We are very excited and grateful that you are here and are interested to read and learn about our all in one shopping app called Buyaladdin. In this post, we will discuss several aspects of Buyaladdin and tell you how you can utilize our application to suit your purposes.

In a nutshell, Buyaladdin is an application that lets you search and compare product prices from various online shopping malls around the globe. However, that is only one of the main functions of Buyaladdin. There is more to Buyaladdin than just that, and this post will take you all the way.

What is Buyaladdin?

As a company, we can say that Buyaladdin is an international e-commerce search-and compare-platform. Our main branch is based and registered in Delaware, United States, however, our company has many partners globally, and we have team members working remotely in different parts of the globe.

The company’s vision is to build a platform that could deliver a global and comprehensive online shopping experience to customers. We want to do this by providing information to our users through our price comparison feature.

Our team is targeting shoppers from all over the world. We want shoppers to be able to obtain real-time information on price comparisons of products they are interested in through our application Buyaladdin, which is the main product of the company. Our e-commerce search-and-compare app is designed to let users get the most value for their money when searching for products from various retailers. The app will be available worldwide and will enable users to shop with the best prices that can be found in online retailers in a single application.

Together with our global partners and highly-capable developers, our company has worked tirelessly to develop and establish this shopping platform that aims to revolutionize the modern e-commerce landscape by connecting users to valuable data that they can use to make better purchase decisions.

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Buyaladdin company launch in New York and US license acquisition

We successfully launched the project and publicly announced it on July 16, 2019, at the Rockefeller Center in New York City. Along with our partners, we welcomed people to what we believe will deliver a whole new world of online shopping to both customers and merchants.

Firstly, we know that users will get so much value knowing where they can easily save money by having data of price comparisons on different merchants. Secondly, merchants can also have an idea of how their competitors are pricing products that are similar to what they are selling.

Our team proudly announced the Buyaladdin project to the world. We believe that Buyaladdin has the potential to become the next generation e-commerce app that will revolutionize mediums of exchange and prove to be a stepping stone in making e-commerce better for everyone. We are honored with the privilege to make this innovative announcement in Rockefeller Center, New York on July 16, 2019.

The Buyaladdin Launch event was hosted by our very own Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Stanley Park.

Chief Executive Officer Mr Stanley Park

Mr. Park talked about the many changes that our shopping platform would offer to the world. We announced the upcoming application launch in the latter part of 2019, and have set a goal to have over 100 million users. Buyaladdin aims to integrate over 50 shopping malls globally, such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Rakuten, Flipkart, Paytm, AliExpress, and more.

In August 2019, Buyaladdin finally got the business license to operate in the United States. With this, a world with paperless transactions appears to be increasingly more liable to occur as every advancement bests the following. Buyaladdin has significantly more coming up for the years to come and we are designed for catapulting the online business world toward progress.

Buyaladdin joins Overstock’s affiliate program

On Nov 27, 2019, we reported that our organization has joined the Affiliate Program of online retail pioneer With this, Buyaladdin will presently approach Overstock’s huge variety of new home merchandise items at low costs, including furniture, stylistic layout, floor coverings, bedding, home improvement, and the sky’s the limit from there.

tZERO, a worldwide innovator in advancement for capital markets, gave business and innovation counseling administrations to the Buyaladdin group to help the organization in joining Overstock’s affiliate partner program.

Mr. Ryan Sorensen, Director of Affiliate Partnerships at Overstock also expressed his excitement and warm welcome in a statement.

We are glad to welcome Buyaladdin and its potential customer base to our affiliate program as a new global partner,

he said.

On the other hand, the CEO of tZERO Mr. Saum Noursalehi also expressed his delight,

Buyaladdin is a big player in the Asian market. We look forward to exploring potential capital markets opportunities with Buyaladdin in the region.

Buyaladdin shopping app launch

We launched the Buyaladdin application’s alpha version on December 31, 2019. Just in time for the new year, we opened the app’s doors to allow users to have an initial preview of the complete experience they could have while using the app.

After a while, the beta version of the app was made available on January 15, 2020. An enhanced user interface was developed to bring inclusivity and convenience to all users. As part of its goal of targeting shoppers from different parts of the world, Buyaladdin is set to be released in various countries that have significantly been influenced by the trends and innovation of online shopping.

Buyaladdin currently supports more than 50 shopping malls from the US, UK, Japan, China, India, Canada, and other locations. By and large, the app will have over 100 online retailers including Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Coupang, Walmart, and many other retailers who provide shopping services across borders. Located from different parts of the world, users can access the shop of their choice based on their current location.

Benefits in using the Buyaladdin shopping app

One-Stop Shopping App


We designed Buyaladdin to offer a variety of information on products to consumers from major retailers in one place across the world. Users can access Buyaladdin from various parts of countries for easy shopping. Users can select the local mall shopping option to purchase products nearby.

Price comparison

Price Compare

Rather than doing tedious work searching products online individually, our Buyaladdin application happily assists customers in comparing product prices and finding the best deals from various merchants all in one application. As the number of online shopping sites grows dramatically, we believe that the need for price comparison becomes an inevitable need among consumers as having easy access to such information saves the customer both time and money. The prices of products in each site varies, and sometimes the prices have significant differences.

Purchase ideas

Buyaladdin Hot Key

Buyaladdin holds a variety of products in its marketplace and we feature various items to aid users in purchasing. The application is designed to show products in a way that can give our users purchase ideas.

Quick join to Sign Up

Quick Join

Sign up to any shopping mall of your choice with just one click with the Quick Join feature. This feature gives our users the ability to perform a hassle-free sign up for shopping malls of your choice. This makes it so much easier to shop online because it only takes one click on Quick Join, and the app lets you sign up.

One wish list and order history

Wish list and Order History

The Buyaladdin shopping app allows you to manage just one wish list and order history for products that you select or order from any online shopping mall, so you can buy them later. This gives our users only one list to worry about and simplifies your shopping experience. With the One Wish List function, you don’t have to worry about sorting things in too many lists because one is enough.

Genie mail notification

Genie Mail

Users will receive all updates related to the latest promotions, offers, and deals through the Genie Mail Notification. With this function, it’s easy to learn about the latest updates and the newest features that have been implemented in the application. This also simplifies the communication structure with our users as they can check the Genie Mail Notification whenever they want.

Multi-Language and Multi-Payment

Multi Language and Multi Payment

Buyaladdin is one of the fewest shopping applications that is accessible in multiple languages. The app supports several different languages such as English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and more to cater to a worldwide demographic of users. This means that users can use the Buyaladdin app wherever they are from. You can also use a wide range of payment gateways, online banking, and credit card options.


New loyalty

In the app, users can participate in an amazing opportunity to earn Buyaladdin points by signing up and inviting friends to download the app. We call it the Buyaladdin Rewards Program. When you sign up, you need to make sure that you type in the referral code of whoever referred you so that they can EARN Buyaladdin Points!

However, if you have signed up through our promotions, please use the code buyaladdinrewards. You can earn MORE points by inviting your friends to download the app and sharing your referral code.



This is Buyaladdin's official announcement profile. We are using this as the main channel to communicate updates, improvements, and all the developments regarding the Buyaladdin application.

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