21 Ways To Emojify Your Connection With Your Loved Ones

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Emoji is an important piece of internet culture. A vast majority of people who use messaging apps online use emojis. It’s a convenient way to show your emotions without using words, and it’s fun to communicate using only emojis! Sometimes, a little emoji heart (❤️) here, and an emoji laughing (😂) over there can make your messages more colorful.

If you’ve stumbled upon this article, chances are you are planning to do something emoji-themed or maybe you’re just looking to buy something emoji-ish. If that’s you, then let us help you find things that you might want to check out.

By definition, emoji symbols are ideograms and smileys utilized in electronic messages and website pages. These emoji images now exist in different forms, including outward appearances, normal items, places and sorts of climate, and creatures.

Emoji faces started on Japanese cell phones back in 1997. Then, the emojis took over the world—it turned out to be progressively mainstream worldwide in the 2010s in the wake of being added to a few mobile phone operating systems.

Oxford Dictionaries named the Face with Tears of Joy emoticon(😂) the Word of the Year in 2015.

Knowing all that, it’s time to take it to the next step. Buckle up your emoji list and ready the emojipedia—because in this article, we’ll go through some ways to emojify your connection to your loved ones.

1. Wear a smile on your sleeves


The Dalai Lama once said, “a simple smile—that’s the start of opening your heart and being compassionate to others.” Compassion is a great thing to teach kids, and it’s good to start simple, like for instance, wearing an emoji smile. This brings us to our first suggestion to the list of things that can emojify your connection with your loved ones—a one-style-fits-all emoji shirt.

“A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear” is a popular quote said by classic American actress Marilyn Monroe. While she might not have meant it as literally as I would in this article, I would recommend trying to wear a literal emoji smile.

2. Turn bland into a stand


Stand together with your LGBT friends and loved ones with this emoji phone case. It’s a good way to bring out positivity and show your support to human rights and gender diversity. It’s a very good way to turn a simple phone case into something amazing.

3. Make it a task to put on a mask


It’s important to make it a habit to put on a mask for sanitary purposes. During this time, with the pandemic, governments even require you to wear one when going out. It might be a chore, but with these washable emoji masks, you can put on an expressive mask and bring truckloads of fun wherever you go.

4. Soap gives you hope


Handwashing is something that can contribute to keeping you and your family safe. But sometimes, it’s actually hard to get kids to wash their hands. You can turn washing hands into a fun activity with this emoji soap dispenser. You can even give it a name and a personality. A friendly soap dispenser will encourage kids to grow into the habit of washing their hands.

5. These emoji balls will make you lols


If you are annoyed with the emojis your kids are using when texting you, I have something really fun for you. Smash these emojis with your golf club while playing golf with your buddies. If you like it, that’s fine too—no judgments here. You can make golf more fun with these balls that can make you go lols.

6. Don’t dread going to bed

emoji-bed -covers

Is there a time when you’re having a hard time putting your kids to bed? Say no more. You can make bedtime fun with this emoji comforter – Modern juvenile kids bed. Having cool-looking stuff like these will contribute a lot to the task of convincing your kids to go to bed.

7. Have an emotion-filled drink


Sometimes, you just want to drink tea, coffee, or have hot soup. Do it in style with this RYNNO color changing magic mug. It’s made from high-quality porcelain, and it can definitely brighten somebody’s day just by looking at it. It’s a good gift or addition to an emoji-themed event.

8. Slip into something funny


Crocs men’s smiley clog – There’s nothing cuter than an emoji plush house slipper. If you’re decorating in an emoji fashion, you just gotta have this in play. You can choose between different emotions available. It’s not only cute, but it’s very comfortable as well.

9. Boost the mood with food


If you love making pancakes, get a load of this. You can spice up your pancake-making with this emoji pancake pan. You can fill your pancakes with different emotions and designs. It can be used to express your love and other emotions to people who would eat your pancakes.

10. Tighten the gap with a strap


If you’re having problems putting on masks, there’s a simple solution right here. A Face mask extender grip that can help you adjust the size of the mask to fit you is an essential tool in today’s world. With the emoji designs, it also gets more fun.

11. Spice up your swag with a bag


A nice addition to your emoji collection would be this cute emoji backpack. It comes with a design featuring various emojis that can most definitely capture people’s attention. It’s definitely a great gift for kids and adults too.

12. It’s fun to begin with a spin


The fidget spinner has been said to help those who are having trouble focusing. It has also been said that it has the ability to relieve nervousness, anxiety, or psychological stress. There are even some that claim that a fidget spinner has the ability to calm down those with neurological disorders like ADHD and autism. While I don’t make any medical claims in this article, I can attest that playing with a LED fidget spinner is pretty fun.

13. Cuddle your feelings away with emojis


Have you ever tried cuddling with emojis? In this world, anything is possible. You can cuddle with different types of emojis with these round emoji pillows. It has different variations including the laughing emoji, the emoji with heart eyes, and so much more.

14. Be more at ease with a squeeze


One of the side effects of pressure is muscle strain. Our body’s muscles clench when feeling mentally stressed because of a surge of hormones like adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol. These elements are responsible for fight or flight. This may be the case, but it’s not generally a choice to battle your boss or run away from work. This is where stress balls may help. Stress balls can work truly well since they make you press and release, an action that can leave you less tense.

1. Squeeze and bouncy balls

2. Emoji stress balls

15. Six heads are better than one


How can you make drives less boring? Add six different emoji bubbleheads to your dashboard. Some even say that looking at emojis when driving can lighten up your mood leading to less stress and the elimination of fatigue.

16. Revamp your room with an emoji lamp


Bling stick lamp – You can light up your kid’s room with this Emoji table light. It does not require any setup or preparation. You can just plug it, and that’s it. The round, plastic shade and pull chain includes an exceptional Emoji look. The light is controlled by a 40-watt bulb.

17. Get ready to play and spray


Blaster water guns – Have a good time with your friends or kids with these emoji water shooters. You can simply dunk the spout into the water, pull the handle to get the most water into your weapon. Then you can push forward and watch the water shoot full force into the air and onto your enemies!

18. Be wise and organize


Medium metal paper clips – You can have fun while getting organized. Do it with cute binder clips that go with different colors and emojis. This will surely brighten your task with engaging colors and quirky designs. It also helps you find which papers you need almost instantly with its unique looks.

19. Ramp things up with a stamp


Teacher stamp set – If you like emoticons, why not use them to review your student’s schoolwork? Your creativity is the limit. You can use this emoji stamp to do whatever you like. It is also a fun and exciting gift for your kids.

20. Upgrade the look when you cook


When you need to blend, scratch, flip, or turn, you can let these funny emoji kitchen tools boost your mood. The creators of this product tightened the edges to make it ideal for getting each and every piece out of containers. It’s useful for making sandwiches or preparing food with your children.

21. Stay afloat with emoji molds


Silicone emoji molds – It’s already fun making cookies or ice cream, but it’s time to make it more fun. These very charming molds can produce a funny assortment of good-looking treats for the entire family. From handcrafted chocolates, jams, cakes, and extravagant ice, the sky is the limit.



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