21 Best Emoji Birthday Party Supplies Under $20

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emoji birthday party supplies

Emojis have an impact on our speech. These cute and tiny images serve the same role as my tone of voice when I send messages on the phone in the same way that gestures and facial expressions work when I communicate in person. There is even evidence released by Instagram stating that the use of slang words among users has dropped significantly—people now prefer emoji over slang.

It is interactive and easy to express our feelings with the help of such emojis—funny 😂 and angry 😡, surprised 😳 and in love 😍, and sometimes even smelly 💩, but still funny. They are no longer just abbreviations. They come to the fore, replacing any words.

We noticed that the emoji language, which came to us from Japan, has become trending not only in virtual communication. We talked more about this when we published an article about emojifying connections with your loved ones before. But that was just the beginning. Here is another one.

DID YOU KNOW? Emojis are scientifically proven to improve your mood.

In this article, I want to tell you how to turn a children’s or even an adult’s birthday party into a real celebration of emotions. Imagine yourself as an emoji, take the excitement, and have fun!

1. Emoji Birthday Banner

emoji birthday banner

Have you already decided where the emoji party will take place? Is it going to be a room, a garden, or a certain special location? If so, there are still many interesting things ahead. Bring the mood of the birthday and decorate the place with an emoji banner.

2. Expressive Emoji Balloons

emoji balloons

Balloons are the brightest spectacle in any event. They immediately change the space, bring loads of fun, and cheer everyone up! Balloons with different emojis can make your birthday unforgettable and bring a special mood to your guests. Order balloons and receive a smile and happiness in return!

3. Emoji Birthday Cake Topper

birthday cake topper

The birthday cake is a special part of any birthday celebration. A delicious treat with a bright, themed design will decorate the table and become one of the event’s essential parts. But if your topper on the cake symbolizes vivid emotions of emojis, then we can consider that the day is a success! After all, it is on the cake that your child needs to blow out all the candles to make his or her wish come true. Also, the ceremony of congratulations with the taking out of a bright themed cake will be remembered as one of the meaningful highlights of the holiday.

4. Emoji Hanging Swirl Decorations

emoji hanging swirls

If you don’t want to limit your event to a banner, hanging swirls can come to the rescue. A hanging swirl with emoji for a children’s party can become an important component of the decoration. Being located at a certain height, it will be inaccessible for little guests who strive to touch and try everything with their hands. Maybe you will get lucky, and until the end of the party, it will remain intact and may even remain for the next event.

5. Emoji Table Decorating Kit

emoji table decoration

The decor kit is the main attribute of the table setting. If you want to choose something bright, colorful, and memorable for your guests, this is for you. The funny LOL table decorating kit won’t leave indifferent anyone. Choose your favorite emoji, and do not forget to taste the treats. So you will definitely have the strength for unbridled fun.

6. Emoji Birthday Stickers

emoji birthday stickers

A birthday is a special event for each of us. To celebrate this day, we invite only the closest relatives and friends. So, why not make our guests feel like the chosen ones? The emoji birthday party sticker labels are perfect for a variety of uses. You can give it out to everyone who attends the birthday party. Stick them on party favors, goodie bags, boxes, and tags. Also, you can use them as envelope seals on the thank you cards.

7. Emoji Wristbands Bracelets

emoji wristbands

Have you ever noticed how your interest rises when you see a bright silicone bracelet? It’s hard to explain, but kids, adult kids, and even adult parents really love wristbands. Either bright colors have such an effect on the subconscious, or you want to wear a pleasant to the touch and weightless silicone. The fact is a fact. By giving each of your child’s guests an emoji silicone wristband bracelets as a gift, you will make the birthday party unforgettable, not only for your kid but for all his or her friends.

8. 60 Piece Emoji Rubber Rings

emoji rings

From a young age, girls simply adore rings. Moreover, they are absolutely not interested in whether this ring is with diamond or ruby. A simple yellow or red-colored plastic ring can make them the happiest. Order the cute emoji rings for your princess and her guests to take emoji fun to the next level. Children will be amazed by depicting the mood of the ring’s emoji.

9. Emoji Popper Spring Launchers

emoji popper springs

Children’s and even adult’s birthdays are not held without games. A fun game at the event will decorate the party and will not let anyone get bored. Continue the emoji theme on your event by ordering jumping popper spring launchers bouncy toy balls. You can host a competition by simply pushing these toys down and watching them pop high. The more guests press, the higher they jump! And they can also control the ejection direction.

10. Emoji Party Set

emoji party supplies

Impress and wow your little guests with this emoji-themed party set. These party supplies are perfect for an emoji-themed birthday party, and the tableware designs are cute, colorful, and fun. Feed children using themed dishes from the emoji birthday party supplies. Also, you don’t need to worry about further dishwashing. Disposable dishes are the way out. Such bright supplies with funny little faces will not leave anyone indifferent. Kids will love it!

11. Emoji Reusable Plastic Drinking Straws

emoji straws

Let your little guests and even adults enjoy their drinks with emoji straws. Having milkshake, juice, chocolate cocktail, or maybe even a mojito or margarita can bring more fun with a bendable novelty straw set. It is perfect for birthday parties, fiestas, family gatherings, and more. Also, you can take memorable photos by cheering up the drinks with the cutest and funny emojis.

12. Emoji Cupcakes Holders

emoji cupcakes holders

Serving treats is an outstanding art, not only at an adult’s party. Serving food at a children’s event deserves even more attention as they love and remember colors in detail. Celebrate your kid’s birthday in style with emoji cupcake liners. They will not only add to the decorative theme but will make everyone smiling.

13. Emoji YoYo Light Up

emoji yoyo

Bright lights at the party always come in handy. You can provide hours of fun for children and adults with emoticon light-up yo-yo. Yo-yo lights up, and a flick of the wrist for a fun, illuminating adventure. Let the kids learn tricks and amaze their friends. Make a memorable party favor for children.

14. The Emoji Led Rings

emoji LED rings

All kids love to dance and repeat their favorite characters. Now, it has become popular to invite animators to children’s parties. They know all the trending characters starting from ‘baby shark.’ Throw an exciting party for children by ordering emoji led rings. The animators will show the movements, and the children will be just happy to repeat them and sing with non-stop flashing rings.

15. Emoji Gumball Machine

emoji gum ball machine

I think many of you have a child asking for a change in the store to buy gum from the machine. Why don’t you make your birthday kid and his or her friends happy by ordering an emoji gumball machine? It is also great for teaching kids savings while adding some fun to bubble gum.

16. Emoji Folding Fans

emoji folding fans

Surprise your little guests with cool fans designed with funny and spark smiles. Kids will adore this set as it has all the classics: smiling, winking, laughing, cheeky, and heart-eyed emojis, among others. It also will be perfect for letting children stay cool over summer and let them pamper themself while lounging.

17. Emoji Fidget Spinners

emoji fidget spinner

Put a smile on children’s faces with cool emoji fidget spinners. You can offer these fun sensory toys as gifts and giveaways. Children and adults alike will love using them to lighten boredom and fidgets. Let your guests spin into a really good time by having fun with emoji spinners.

18. Driving Emoji Cars

emoji cars

If you already ordered emoji rings for girls, then why don’t you order speedy emoji cars for boys? Boys will be happy to have a competition: whose car gets to the finish line faster. Also, you can motivate children by providing the winner bubblegum or spinners. Let the fun be endless.

19. Emoji Birthday Gift Bags

emoji backpacks

By filling your child’s birthday with games and competitions, you can surprise everyone by giving out prizes in emoji bags and drawstring backpacks. Moreover, children can also use these colorful backpacks after the event. Be sure that your kid and his or her friends will never forget such a birthday party.

20. Emoji Keychains

emoji keychains

Children love to imitate grown-ups. Who said that the keychain is an adult attribute? Order funny and colorful emoji keychains for your little guests. Believe me, no one will remain indifferent.

21. Emoji Paper Candy Bags

emoji candy bags

Put small items in the cute emoji treat bags, including candies, lollipops, and other birthday supplies. By owning a separate candy bag, the child will feel special. Also, upon returning home, kids can share their birthday treats with small siblings.

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The brightest and happiest time in life is childhood. The impressions that the kid will take out from this period depend on us – the adults around him. For every child, birthday is a miracle, a day of fulfillment of desires and magic. And it is in our power to make him feel the happiest person on earth that day.



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