20 Must-Have Smartphone Photography Gadgets To Shoot Like A Pro

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People have become very active in filming their blogs, recording videos for their own YouTube channels, Tik Tok and Instagram accounts, and broadcasting. Creating content is an exciting activity that allows you to reveal yourself, get rid of some stiffness, gain experience, and learn how to do something cool, which previously lacked courage. And with modern smartphones, it became clear to many of us that cool and expensive equipment is not needed to record blogs or broadcasts. Many smartphones allow us to take photos and videos to a new level.

In this article, I will talk about 20 smartphone photography gadgets that are much cheaper than a professional camera and its accessories, but at the same time are not inferior. In general, I worked quite a lot in writing this blog and went through many options to show you your best options out there in the market.

1. DxO one 20.2MP digital connected camera


Imagine that you want to broadcast a live video at night, but the phone camera cannot really recognize you. Instead of showing a broadcast with only your teeth and your eyes visible, here’s a better solution. Consider buying the DxO one 20.2MP digital camera. This device comes handy in low-light situations. Along with its better image quality and control over depth-of-field, you won’t have to worry about shooting in the dark.

2. Universal underwater phone case


Underwater shooting is always fascinating. There is something about underwater images and videos that capture the attention of people. And these days, many waterproof phones can help you discover the underwater world. But dare to use the phone inside water, it’s a bit dangerous isn’t it? Not anymore. For the deep sea lovers, the underwater phone case from Feily was created. It can take you and your smartphone into the deep, safely. Shooting fish or having selfies with crabs was never this easier.

3. PolarPro cinema series filter expansion


These days, YouTube and Instagram are full of travel bloggers. Interest in such pages is quite trendy and understandable because we all love trips. Even one of my friends has been taking travel notes, photos, and videos for almost three years. I asked her what the secret of such beautiful images is. The answer was simple: “you always need to have the right light.” For those who like to play with light, experts recommend PolarPro cinema series filter expansions. While traveling, you have no control over the natural lights. Your photos may be too bright or saturated, but with the PolarPro filter expansions, you can control the lighting like a pro.

4. Zeadio triple hot-shoe handheld


Are you into vlogging or live video streaming while moving? The Zeadio Video Action Stabilizing Handle Grip allows you to compensate for camera shake. You’ve probably noticed how the image jitters when shooting video while moving. For example, if you shoot while walking, then each step will be reflected in the video. The frame will jump. But the stabilizer allows you to make shooting smoother, without worrying about any abrupt transitions.

5. CoPedvic phone camera lens


We all know there is no camera better than the human eye. But there are intricate gadgets that can function like the human eye, and one of them is the CoPedvic Phone Camera Lens attachment for smartphones. It is compatible for both Android and iOS devices. It allows us to make professional photos and videos as its top-notch multi-resistant coatings adopted to the lenses handling every shot from portraits to landscapes.

6. Xenvo pro macro and wide angle


When I moved to Dubai, the first problem I faced was to find a good manicurist. I went through a thousand photos on Instagram before choosing the one. Finally, the business showing the most perfectly detailed photos of nails was the service I went with.

As it turned out, this manicurist had a lot of clients. And the reason behind this is the use of a Xenvo Pro Macro and Wide Angle for the detailed macro shooting. This gadget allows us to capture the smallest details. It can be anything from the bee on the flower to a small diamond on the ring.

7. Moment – Anamorphic lens


Are you a fan of making short films and consider yourself no worse than Martin Scorsese? Then, the moment – anamorphic lens is just right for you. This lens can give your video a cinematic pop while shooting a broader focal length in the horizontal direction and a larger focal length in vertical situations. It has aerospace-grade metal and the same glass used for 4K film lenses.

8. INDIEVICE PRO cinematography lens


Suppose the potential of James Cameron lives in you, and you want to move to a more professional level of video filming. In that case, you should consider trying the INDIEVICE PRO Cinematography Lens. This lens kit is the latest combination of versatility as well as stability. It will transform your smartphone into the look and feel of a professional cinematographer. Besides, it’s ideal for smartphone filmmakers who cannot transition between lenses to film various scenes.

9. Sony DSC-QX10/B smartphone lens


Considering yourself a talented photographer and want to start making money on it? Then maybe it’s time to change your accessories to take better photos. With Sony DSC-QX10/B Smartphone Lens, you can turn your smartphone into a 10x optical zoom camera to capture excellent quality actions.

10. AMIR 3 modes selfie ring light


It happens that the weather outside is cloudy, but it’s light at heart, and you want to capture moments with yourself or your friends. With selfie ring light the weather is not a problem anymore. Your photos and videos will have all the needed colors with a selfie light.

11. Movo VXR10 universal videomic


If you are handling your own YouTube channel where you broadcast on an ongoing basis, this set of tools is for you. It includes an essential compact shotgun microphone for recording Vlogs, Tik Tok, interviews, family vacation trips, live music, outdoor events, and tutorials.

12. Shure MV88 portable iOS microphone


Do you consider yourself as an interviewer and have already started conducting your journalistic surveys? Then this microphone will help you to take your surveys to the professional level. The stereo condenser microphone is designed to capture the precise, high-quality sound connected to any iOS device equipped with a Lightning connector.

13. Omni 20+ 20000mah AC/DC/USB-C/Wireless power bank

Smartphone Wireless PowerBank

If you are a naturalist blogger and plan to spend the whole day in the mountains, then you will probably have all the equipment with you. From your phone and lenses to a drone, and maybe even a laptop—everything seems needed. To ensure that each device has enough charge for the whole day, or maybe two, you should take with you a reliable and wireless power bank. It can charge your smartphone and interchangeable-lens camera at the same time. Let the session of photography be endless.

14. ULANZI U Rig Pro smartphone video rig


For active people who like to shoot video in motion, ULANZI U Rig Pro Smartphone Video Rig is a great solution. This device shoots better images than many high-end cameras. It keeps your smartphone or camera steady during action shots and helps to get a smooth video.

15. Overhead video stand phone holder


I think we all came across the moment when you shoot a video, but at the same time, your hands are just shaking. The stand phone holder is here to help you! You can install your mobile on it and place the stand on a table. It is an excellent option for all sorts of activities. The most obvious is the use of such a tripod for recording video – blogs, stories, etc. You just put the gadget on, adjust your position in the frame, and broadcast.

16. Torjim 60″ camera tripod


Family gatherings for New Year or Christmas are always exciting and joyful events. At such moments you don’t want to be limited to simple selfies or uneven photographs. A tripod helps you set the camera and choose the most excellent footage you can get. Besides, it is suitable for smartphones.

17. Neewer camera slider carbon fiber dolly rail


Camera sliders allow you to move your phone with very smooth tracking shots that will impact your videos. Generally, sliders are one of the best tools for those who are into Tik Tok and want to add some excitement to their video. Also, adding extra polish to their video and timelapse sequences.

18. Shoulderpod G2 Pro video grip and tripod mount


Are you planning to make videos from a corporate party? Do it professionally with Shoulderpod G2 Pro. It includes multiple mounting points for quickly adding external accessories. It can be handheld, used, or mounted on a tripod for shooting horizontal or vertical video. Journalists, filmmakers, and vloggers can use Shoulderpod.

19. DJI OSMO 3-Axis smartphone gimbal


Have you tried to capture a cute video with your phone, only to have it ruined by shaky footage? For the high quality of photos and videos, you should try the DJI OSMO 3-Axis Gimbal available for your smartphone. It provides smooth, real-time responses to reduce unwanted camera movements.

20. Linkcool Octopus Tripod with Wireless Remote


Are you in the mountains or somewhere in nature? Get the flexible tripod with you! The legs of Linkcool Octopus Tripod with Wireless Remote are composed of something like balls. Thanks to the flexible design of these balls, you can safely bend the legs, set up the tripod as it is convenient for you, hook it to pipes, trees, and place it on completely uneven surfaces. This is a very handy thing for shooting outdoors or in some kind of area where you cannot find a flat surface.

When you have all the gear you need, there’s still something left to do. To take beautiful photos, a person needs to feel interested and practice. The more often you shoot, the more trial and error you do, the sooner you will find your style. You don’t have to post all of your photos to Instagram or Facebook right away. First, you can shoot for yourself and try different genres: landscapes, objects, people, cats, etc. Over time, you will find what is best for you and what you like the most.

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