10 Pawsome Accessories To Make Your Dog’s Life Fun

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Every dog lover knows how dogs love to play and have fun. But as a dog owner, you can make your dog’s life more fun with some cute accessories.

Just like you, your dog also deserves some cute accessories to have fun and be happy. To help you invest in the right accessories, we have listed the 10 pawsome accessories to make your dog’s life fun.

1. Furbo Dog Camera with Treat Tossing Technology


The furbo dog treat camera is a dog camera that tosses treats to your dog. It lets you talk and listen to your dog barking alert. You can also monitor your dog movement and find out its secret life.

This 1080p Full HD camera & night vision lets you know if your dog is in danger. And lets you know if your dog misses you when it detects that your pet is facing the camera.

Capture the precious and heart-melting moments of your dog and see the pictures or the videos on your mobile phone whenever you are with this Furbo dog camera.

2. Petrip Dog Hair Dryer


Stop stressing yourself over drying and brushing your dog’s hair after a bath. Petrip dog hair dryer is a 2-in-1 pet hairdryer and brush designed for this.

The Petrip is the perfect combination of comb and hair dryer to remove your pet’s extra matted hair and fur. Also, tangles from your dog’s coat while drying simultaneously.

The slicker brush for the dog is Compact portable, so you can take it anywhere with you. Also, it delivers professional work. The multi-tasking hair dryer is safe and sturdy.

3. UPSKY Dog Water Bottle


Make your pet drink water easier with the Upsky dog water bottle. The accessory is easy to operate—one-key to lock or open the water.

The UPSKY is a portable pet water bottle and lightweight that you can carry with you anywhere easily. It is suitable for any dog.

This dog water bottle is perfect whether hiking, camping, traveling, or walking with your pet. It is a leak-proof, so no worry about getting your bag or your stuff wet.

4. Pooch Selfie The Original Dog Selfie Stick


Pooch selfie stick is what you need to capture the best selfies with your pet. It comes with a colorful removal Pooch Selfie ball and a smartphone attachment.

You can use the ball to capture your dog’s attention to your phone or tablet for the cute pictures. Also, you can fetch your pet by throwing the ball and letting it get. It is much fun to have one of these cute accessories for your lovely dog.

This dog selfie stick helps you share your beautiful moments with your dog on social media with family, friends, and followers. It is easy to set up and remove and is lightweight to carry around with you.

5. Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound – Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toys


With these dog games puzzle toys, never let your dog get bored. Have fun and strengthen the bond with your dog.

Nina ottosson by outward hound is an interactive puzzle game for dogs that keeps your busy and away from destructive behavior.

This game adds more fun to your dog’s life. You can flip the compartments and hide treats to make your dog search. The boxes are easy to open, so your pet can just slide and reveal the goodies.

This pawsome accessory is the best way to have fun with your dog.

6. Idepet Dog Toy Ball


Do you still worry about pets staying alone in your home or destroying the furniture? Idepet dog toy ball is made of durable rubber, bite resistant and nontoxic safe for your pets. Pet’s food or snacks can be stuffed in the ball to increase your pet’s interest in playing and keeping them busy for an hour.

Prevention of oral disease, the ball’s surface is soft and quickly and effectively helps cleans your dog teeth. This dog toy can easily catch your pet’s attention, allow the pet’s intelligence to improve, and conveniently train dogs. Your naughty active dogs will enjoy it to kill the boring time.

7. Puppy Bell for Potty Training


A great and fun way to house train your dog is to communicate to you when they need to go out to potty by teaching them to ring a bell. Introducing Luckyiren puppy bells dog doorbell, it offers a realistic and reasonable price. Compared to the older version, it has a shorter length.

Now, the upgraded version has three snaps for a more extended range. So, the bells contains premium quality material. The surface of the bell adopts Planting coating technology to keep it shine. Inside, the ball to make jingle sounds clear and crisp is made up of premium stainless steel.

The belt is made from heavy-duty nylon material and tested for durability. You can buy a Luckyiren hook and stick it to a suitable position if the bell hanging on the doorknob brings inconvenience.

8. Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste


Pet lovers must need a treat that cleans your pet pearly white and leave them breathless. Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste for your dog. Dogs are susceptible to dental diseases, just like us, but Ark Naturals has an easy way to keep them smiling.

These products have a National Animal Supplement Council seal approval and are made in the USA. Therefore, Breathless Brushless Toothpaste dog treats are equipped with dual action texture to blast bad breath into oblivion.

On the outside, the ridges help to clean their teeth. Meanwhile, alfalfa’s fresh flavors, a source of chlorophyll, cinnamon, vanilla, and cloves, help freshen things up. On the inside is a patented toothpaste that helps stop plaque, tartar, and bacteria.

Just over two, these treats per day can help your dog’s breath go from questionable to very fresh.

9. Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded


Casfuy dog nail grinder upgraded is a painless paw grooming and smoothing for small, medium, and large dogs with a two-speed electric rechargeable pet nail trimmer. Safe, effective, and precise trimming. In addition, this dog nail grinder makes your pet comfortable when claws were grinding with the extra-ordinary diamond bit grinder to bring safety.

Recommended by the professionals and most veterinarians, painless and precisely trim your pet’s nails anywhere. Advanced two-speed switch and three grinding ports. The trimmer features an adjustable, speed design robust to support heavy grinding. And with three ports to match your pets’ size small, medium and large.

Depending on your pet nails’ size and hardness, you can choose which port and speed you will use. Many pets stress over the pet nail grinder’s sound and vibration with super low noise and vibration.

The electric pet nail grinder is made up of a whisper-quiet technology motor that produces a very low vibration to keep pets calm and helps sand pet claws faster and easier.

10. OneTigris Dog Saddlebag


This bag seems to be very well made, and it has huge pockets and a lot of storage, a handle to hold your dog, or pick up the bag if you need it. OneTigris dog saddlebag comprises 1000D nylon water-resistant, and paddle underside offers a durable and comfortable solution.

Two main zipper side compartments with hook-and-loop closure pockets for carrying food, first aid kit, dog toy, and poops bag. A top zipper pocket with a 3.5 x 4″ clear ID card window and V-ring for dog leash attachments. Multi-function dog backpack, ideal for a dog, traveling, backpacking trips, hiking, camping, long trail walks, or everyday use.

Get these cool collections of Pawsome accessories to make your dog’s life more fun. As we know that a dog is a man’s best friend, we hope these cool products will help you tighten a strong bond with your pet.

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