10 Exciting Math Games For The Genius Mathematician In Your Kid

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Math Games For The Genius Mathematician In Your Kid

Math is an essential subject. It is a requirement for every student in every grade of their school journey. But many students don’t like math because they think it’s dull, so they struggle with memorizing all the rules and equations involved. According to Oxford Learning, one way to solve this issue is to connect math to real-life scenarios.

Showing your kid how math relates to the real-world using other methods to attract his or her interest can be the right approach. As children are excited about toys and games, it is easy to use exciting math games to make their learning process fun.

These exciting math games reinforce their learning skills and improve their imagination. The games also help your little ones get familiar with numbers and calculations at home and boost their confidence at school.

So, to help you bring out the genius mathematician in your kids, we have listed the 10 exciting math games.

1. Magna Tiles Metropolis 110 Piece Set


Magna tiles metropolis set is an original magnetic building designed for creative open-play and educational toys for children.

The magna tiles metropolis contains 110 pieces of sturdy neon. It includes windows, quarter circles, a spinner, and many more to bring your kid’s imagination to the big screen. This set helps energize your children’s excitement to play and build even more creative things.

2. Multiplication And Division Bingo Game


With this multiplication and division Bingo game, your kids will learn how to think fast and show what they know. The game has options for differentiating with division or multiplication, so your children can learn and play at the same time.

This math Bingo game can be played in a large or small group, as it has 36 playing cards, a caller’s mat cards with over 700 chips. It comes in a sturdy storage box.

The game keeps everyone challenged, engaged, and continually learning.

3. Three-corner Flash Cards Addition And Subtraction


The Three-corner flash cards are self-checking, fun, and comfortable cards to hold. These flash cards help your kids understand how to solve operations by adding numbers with the same colors and subtracting numbers with different colors.

These flash cards teach your children the relationship between addition and subtraction. With two-sided triangle cards, each card has three operations, so it helps reinforce your kids’ understanding and bring a more effective result.

4. Eureka Math Flashcards


Eureka multiplication math flashcards for kids make learning math exciting for your little ones. This game includes a pack of multiplication flashcards and a sheet of rewards to boost your kids’ confidence.

Your children will master the multiplication after playing and practicing with these colorful eureka math flashcards. These flashcards are the perfect addition to your kids’ learning process.

5. Learning Fun Counting Games


Learning fun counting games is an ideal teaching tool for parents or families to encourage and reinforce kids’ learning at home. It is a method that suits your children using mathematics in a fun way.

This balance game is a preschool fun math game that helps your kids learn basic counting and develop math skills. The game has 30 double-side question cards, 60 questions ranging from simple to complicated.

The game is a creative preschool learning toy that is perfect for kids who struggle with focusing. So, let your little ones discover, explore, balance, and learn math principles in the game.

6. Shifu Plugo Count Math Game


When Math tangles with stories, every kid can have fun with numbers. Shifu Plugo Count math game is an AR-powered STEM gaming kit that helps children develop skills like problem-solving, math, critical thinking, and comprehension.

It is a foldable gamepad with one Count spike, four arithmetic operators, and two sets of digits 0-9. You can download the free Plugo App and play games with more than 250 progressive levels. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices, as well.

The plugo count is an educational game that reinvents math with amazing, engaging stories that help your little ones fall in love with math. It turns your device into a hands-on learning system. The game takes your kids through a series of challenges that need to be solved with a combination of numbers and arithmetic operators.

7. Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register


Play Calculator Cash Register is everything your children need to start playing and learning out of the box. It includes 40 plastic coins, a pretend credit card, 30 pretend US bills and an activity guide.

Learning resources pretend and play cash register is solar activated, so no need for batteries. Besides, it encourages kids to learn money skills and basic math with a real-working cash register. Children will love math when it is combined with fun.

8. Magic Puzzle Cube Toy


Known for training the kid’s hands, improving children’s cognitive ability and brain, the magic puzzle cube toy helps children learn math in a fun and easy way.

This game comes in colorful plastic material, and it is easy to learn. Also, the puzzle learning game develops your little ones’ capacity to think. Plus, it helps them improve their coordination abilities and practice operating skills.

9. Math Tiles Addition And Subtraction


Math is exciting! Especially when your children can practice on this wooden calculator board. The small foot wooden game allows your little ones to make equations with the numbers 1 through 20.

The math tiles addition and subtraction is an optimal exercise tool for children in primary school. The game contains colorful pieces with numbers that motivate your kids to play and learn math.

10. Math Slam Electronic Game


Math slam electronic games are a new way to practice math facts. The portable game enables your kids to read the question and jump to the beat. Also, scan the possible answers and slam the correct one.

It is educational insight mathematics that helps your children to think faster as the game is timed. The incorrect answers are recycled until they find the correct responses with encouraging audio.

The device features a clear LCD and LED for displaying questions and showing answers. Besides, it includes five games—Sum Slam Addition, Slam It Up Number Order, Subtraction Slam Subtraction, Mystery Number Algebraic Addition, and Triple Slam Triple Addition and Subtraction.

Your young ones will enjoy learning in a fun way with these exciting games as each game teaches your kids different math skills. Your children won’t get bored with these exciting games, whether they are starting to recognize numbers, count, or solve simple addition and subtraction problems.So, get one of these that you believe is suitable for your kids to start enjoying math at home.

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