10 Best Pretend Makeup Kits for Your Little Girl

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Best Pretend Makeup Kits

Many little girls are drawn to their mother’s cosmetic kits. From an early age, she sees her mother standing at the mirror and transforming herself. The girl imitates her idol and spins in front of the same mirror.

I saw my nieces grabbing the lipstick and using it to the fullest. Everything in the room was in cosmetics: their faces, hands, floor, and even walls. Numerous multi-colored jars, tubes with mysterious contents, intricately curved glass bottles iridescent in the light, elegantly arranged on the dressing table, aroused incredible curiosity in them.

Did you know? Child psychologists say that the desire of girls aged 3 to 12 years to use cosmetics is absolutely normal and completely natural.

The natural female essence lies in the attraction of everything beautiful and aesthetic. It is in the desire to be attractive and feminine. As a result, it is not surprising that every year, a girl’s interest in cosmetics and care products increases. A mother, often the closest person to her, must acquaint a little girl with the unknown world of the female beauty secrets.

Pretend Makeup Kits — Step Towards A Woman’s Essence

If you decide that you are ready to introduce your little one with makeup products, you need to consider other aspects. Children’s skin is very sensitive to the external environment. Control of the production of children’s cosmetics obliges the manufacturer to a lot.

That is why cosmetics are produced exclusively based on natural gentle ingredients. Because such beauty products are safe and have a beneficial effect on a kid’s delicate skin, it protects the child from external environmental influences.

From 3-4 years old, you can safely acquaint your daughter with special children’s cosmetics. It can be shampoos, scented foams, and various types of natural baby soaps. But it can also be cream in aesthetically pleasing jars, eye shadows, and protective and pigmented lipsticks, for instance. You can also include balms, lip gloss, and safe water-based nail polishes.

We must also not forget about the little princess’s hairstyle, allowing her to use a special children’s hairspray with or without sparkles at her discretion. And, the final touch in the image of the “little fashionista” will be the use of perfume or children’s eau de toilette.

As a result, when looking for cosmetics for a little princess, it is important to understand the varieties of these products, distinguish a high-quality option from a low-quality one, and select the right products for a girl of a particular age.

The huge assortment of little girls’ cosmetics in the stores and online can confuse anyone. In this article, I want to introduce you to the 10 best pretend makeup kits for your princess.

1. Kids Makeup Kit For Girls

LOYO Kids Makeup Set

Are you tired of your daughter’s mess in your makeup bag? Kids Makeup Kit for Girls can be your savior. This set includes nail polish, finger separators, brushes, eyeshadows, glitter lip gloss, lipstick, and blush. It is also eco-friendly, water-base material, and soft to the skin. With the little cosmetics, mothers can teach their daughters makeup skills and convey a correct appearance, for instance.

2. Melissa & Doug Beauty Salon Playset

Melissa & Doug Beauty Playset

Is your daughter planning to be the next Bobby Brown? You can surprise her with the glamorous Melissa & Doug Beauty Salon Playset. This wooden beauty essential for make-believe makeovers includes everything from makeup to hair and nails. The 18-piece set consists of a sturdy white and pink vanity with a mirror and a storage drawer. So, the accessories can be stored neatly and remain easily accessible for play. The wooden pieces include a hairdryer, hair spray, a hair straightener, a flip-top lotion bottle, lipstick, nail polish bottles, blush, and many more. A reusable spa services card inspires kids to receive and deliver the full beauty salon experience by customizing transformation for themselves, dolls, and friends.

3. Meland Kids Pretend Play Makeup Kit

Kids Pretend Play Makeup Set

If you want to save your expensive cosmetics from your daughter’s unleash creativity, you should consider buying Meland Kids Pretend Play Makeup Kit. This vibrantly colored and eye-catching set has a glamorous design. So, it includes a cell phone, sunglasses, purse, credit card, lipstick, and many more. The Meland makeup kit is a high-quality toy that feels and looks real. Keep your princess busy for hours to learn how to look polished and glammed up. It is ideal for imaginative and creative play to aid in your daughter’s healthy development.

4. Glamour Girl Pretend Play Makeup Set For Children

Glamour Pretend Play Makeup Set

Is your daughter fascinated by watching you applying your makeup each morning? You can make her happy by purchasing Glamour Girl Pretend Play Makeup Set For Children. Designed entirely with kids in mind, this dazzling kit is not real makeup and does not apply to skin. So, the designer quality beauty case has mess-free, colorful eco-friendly EVA foam. This set also includes thirteen total pieces – a comfortable carry cosmetic bag, bright eyeshadow, bronzer & blush combo, pink lip gloss, a foundation with mirror, and more. The Glamour Girl Pretend Play Makeup Set guarantees to put a smile on your little one’s face.

5. Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Dream Playset

Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Set

You can offer your little one hours of mess-free fun with the Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Dream Set. This makeup kit looks like mommy’s but does not apply to skin. So, it includes a glitter pot, blush duo compact, eye shadow palette, makeup brush, and lipstick. With a realistic feel and texture, the Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Set encourages imagination and creative play.

6. Petite Girls Heart Shaped Cosmetics Play Set

Cosmetics Play Set

Are you tired of cleaning your daughter’s face from your expensive makeup? Surprise her with the Petite Girls Heart Shaped Cosmetics Play Set. This set is perfect for a little princess looking to dress up for a ball or doll party. And, it includes a mirror, eyeshadow palette, lipstick, makeup brushes, and more. The set’s glamorous heart-shaped packaging decorated with rhinestones will not leave indifferent even the most capricious little ones.

7. JOYIN 18 Pieces Pretend Makeup Deluxe Kit For Girls Play

Pretend Makeup Deluxe Kit

If your daughter is drawn to makeup, you can let her try something you will approve of – JOYIN 18 Pieces Pretend Makeup Deluxe Kit for Girls Play. This durable set includes makeup brushes, a cute bag, glitter lip glosses, nail polishes, lipsticks, eye shadows, a face compact powder, etc. Similarly, all the kit’s pigments are soft and easy to remove with soap and warm water.

8. JOYIN Toddler Fantasy Vanity Beauty Dresser Table Play Set

Beauty Dresser Table Play Set

Do you want to provide your daughter with a magical makeover? Surprise her by purchasing JOYIN Toddler Fantasy Vanity Beauty Dresser Table Play Set. This glamorous pink vanity set includes a dressing table with colorful lights, sounds, and music. And, it also has a mirror, compartments & drawer, a matching chair, and twelve accessories, including a brush, lipsticks, hairdryer, etc. With colorful lights and fashion accessories, your little one can have more fun while pretending to put on the makeup.

9. umu Wooden Beauty Salon Toys For Girls

Beauty Salon Toys for Girls

Enhance your princess’s developmental skill and encourage her to use imagination and creativity with the umu Wooden Beauty Salon Toys for Girls. Made of non-toxic material, this kit provides your little one with a secure experience. The 100% wooden playset includes a foundation box with perfume, a bottle, lipstick, comb, a makeup box, a hairdryer, and many more. Premium quality materials make this toy beauty set long-lasting and durable. After that, your daughter can get ready for a tea party by imagining she uses a real eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, or face powder.

10. Litti Pritti Pretend Makeup For Girls

Litti Pritti Pretend Makeup

Let your daughter imitate you with her very own Litti Pritti Pretend Makeup For Girls made of rubber. Therefore, she will feel so adult and special standing beside her mother and pretending to put on face powder, eye shadow, blush, lipstick, lip gloss, and even glitter for that extra special occasion. Three brushes with animal hair are incredibly soft against the skin. At the same time, the cosmetic bag provides a convenient place to keep everything organized. In addition, the stylish cosmetic bag is made from PU leather to make her feel all grown up truly.

In my opinion, early acquaintance with cosmetics allows girls to form the habit of looking after their appearance and to be neat. It also develops a sense of color and aesthetic taste.

Guided by the example of a grandmother, mother, sister, or aunt, the little girl forms in her mind the concept of beauty. If you are ready to tell your daughter about cosmetics, show how to use it and what it is for.

In conclusion, a good and high-quality makeup set will give the little one happy moments of growing up and a presentable appearance. Similarly, it will not harm the skin and will not hurt the child’s fragile body. It is in your hand to provide your baby with the opportunity to be like a mother. Believe me, your little princess will repay you with childlike spontaneity and a radiant smile!

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